Is Barcelona worth a day trip from Madrid?

Whether you're short on time or looking to make a quick exploration of Barcelona before moving on to other sites in Spain or beyond, this day trip is a great option. Start your Barcelona day trip at 7:30am, leaving from Madrid's Atocha station, where you'll climb aboard a high-speed train bound for Barcelona.

Is it worth going to Madrid for one day?

However, if your time is limited in Spain – if you're taking a day trip to Madrid from another city or have a layover in Madrid – visiting the country's massive capital city is well worth it for one day. With 24 hours, you can still discover some of Madrid's best museums, plazas, parks, and restaurants.

Can you do a day trip to Madrid from Barcelona?

Is it worth spending a day in Madrid?

Ideally, however, you could spend two nights and at least one complete day in the city to see all the best Madrid offers, including an evening there. If you're including Madrid on a trip itinerary, we suggest making it your home base for three to four days.

Can you explore Madrid in a day?

Is 24 hours in Madrid enough? Yes! If it's your first time in Madrid, 24 hours is still enough time to discover some of the best attractions it has to offer. This includes the famous Plaza Mayor, Prado Museum, plus their range of tapas restaurants and parks.

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