What is the Maya archeological site Tulum known for?

One of the last cities inhabited by the Maya people, Tulum was once an important trading hub, generating enormous wealth exporting jade and obsidian. Now, it's a fascinating city-museum, with well-preserved temples & stunning coastal views. The Mayan city of Tulum stands 130 km south and 700 years away of Cancun.

What are some fun facts about Tulum archaeological zone?

Tulum Ruins: 4 Fun FactsTulum means wall in Maya, however, the town's original name, Zamá (pronounced zam-MAH) translates as “Place of the dawning sun.” It was one of the few enclosed cities built by the Mayas. With walls on three sides and the Caribbean Sea on the other, Tulum was built to be a fortress.

Why are people going to Tulum?

Tulum is a beachfront town located in Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. This unique place has a spectacular coastline – sugar sands, cobalt water and balmy breezes. There is a bit of everything to do – magical cenotes, incredible close-by Mayan ruins, delicious food, great parties & hippy vibe.

Why should you visit the Mayan empire?

Today, the towering limestone temples and palaces still stand in all their glory, paying testament to the power and wealth of this great civilization and offering a wonderful glimpse into Maya history for visitors from around the world.

Why is Tulum so famous?

This town, found on the Yucatán Peninsula, is not only home to great beaches, but has lush jungles, Mayan ruins, cenotes (caves or sinkholes filled with crystal-clear waters), gorgeous lagoons and upscale nightlife.

What is the one of the most important archeological zones in Mexico?

Monte Albán is one of the most important archaeological zones in Mesoamerica. An ancient Zapotec metropolis, the site was founded in the sixth century BCE overlooking the city of Oaxaca and functioned as their capital between 500 BCE and 800 CE.

What are 3 interesting facts about Tulum?

Tulum Facts

  • The city of Tulum was previously known as Zama, meaning City of Dawn.
  • Its current name means fence or trench in Mayan.
  • Being both on a sea and land route, it had major historical importance as a centre of trading.

How many people visit Tulum Archaeological Zone?

Mayan ruins of Tulum Opening Hours. Visiting Tulum ruins is one of the top things to do during your stay in Riviera Maya. With over 1 milion of visitors each year, Tulum ruins is the second visited archeological site of Mexico, after Chichen Itza (Yucatan State).

Why do people go to the Tulum Archaeological Zone?

Why is everyone obsessed with Tulum?

Tulum Beach is an endless source of oceanside activity, an ideal wedding and honeymoon destination, rich with an ancient Mayan history and Mexican culture, teeming with authentic cuisine, and still off the grid enough that it doesn't feel overly touristy.

What is so special about the Mayan ruins?

The ruins left by the Maya are the remnants of a civilization going back 5,000 years ago. The remaining constructions are the living testimony of the sophisticated lifestyle they had. The Mayan temples, stelae and ceramic artifacts have an appealing history that attract curious visitors from all over the world.

What makes the Mayans so special?

Two thousand years ago, the ancient Maya developed one of the most advanced civilizations in the Americas. They developed a written language of hieroglyphs and invented the mathematical concept of zero. With their expertise in astronomy and mathematics, the Maya developed a complex and accurate calendar system.

What is the most visited region in Mexico?

Along with Mexico City and beach destinations (Cancun, Acapulco, etc.), Guadalajara is one of the most visited cities in Mexico. Cultural tourism is the main attraction, the city being home to a large number of museums, art galleries and theatres.

What is the most ancient archaeological site in the world?

Göbekli Tepe

Founded c. 9500 BCE; 11523 years ago
Abandoned c. 8000 BCE
Periods Pre-Pottery Neolithic A Pre-Pottery Neolithic B
Site notes

What is the history of the Tulum archaeological site?

Tulum was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Maya and achieved its greatest prominence between the 13th and 15th centuries. Maya continued to occupy Tulum for about 70 years after the Spanish began occupying Mexico, but the city was abandoned by the end of the 16th century.

How much does it cost to go to Tulum Archaeological Zone?

How Much Does it Cost to Visit the Tulum Ruins? When you arrive at the ruins, tickets are sold at the entrance. The entrance fee is 65 pesos (about $3.50). If you bring a video camera, you'll have to pay an extra 30 pesos.

What is one of the most visited archeological sites in Mexico?

Chichen Itza was by far the most visited archaeological site in Mexico, by the number of visitors, with over one hundred thousand visitors in a year. Many give credit to the proximity to other sites and attractions like the city of Merida and Cancun, which are also top tourist sites.

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