What to do when your Uber driver is late?

If your driver doesn't show up you can cancel the ride and request a new one.

Can you cancel Uber if driver is late?

A cancellation fee won't apply if we detect that your driver hasn't made progress to your pickup location or if your driver is 5 or more minutes late. Cancellation fees vary by location and may increase depending on how busy it is.

What if my Uber driver is late?

What if your Uber driver takes too long?

Click on the trip then go to report an issue. Then press to review your cancellation fee then dispute it. put your reason as the uber ride took longer than expected. It should then give you a notification that your money will be back in your bank in a couple of days.

How does Uber follow my ride work?

You can share your trip status and location on the map with friends and family, all right from the app, so someone you trust always knows where you are. You can start and stop sharing anytime.

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