Has it ever snowed in Corfu?

There is rarely ever any snow. It has snowed so it is possible to snow again, but if it does the ground is too warm and will melt soon enough. It does rain a decent amount in Corfu!

Is Corfu airport closed in January 2023?

Discover other airports close to CorfuCorfu International Airport will close down on January 9-24, 2023, as necessary works will be conducted on its runway. During these 15 days, only emergency helicopter rides will be available.

Does Corfu shut down in the winter?

Does Corfu shut down in October?

Though Corfu is a year-round destination, with October being shoulder season, you can expect smaller crowds, and lower costs when it comes to accommodation and flights. Having said that, places like Corfu Town remain busy.

How hot is Corfu at Christmas?

Averages The average temperature in Corfu in December is 11°C, rising to a high of 15°C in the peak of the afternoon. At night, temperatures drop to an average low of 7°C, so make sure you pack plenty of warm layers and a coat for evenings out.

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