Can you roll the window down in an Uber?

Rolling down the window, that's fine. For windows, I usually just say, “I'm going to roll down the window,” and then I do it.

Why do Uber drivers ask where you’re going?

Uber does not tell us where the ride is going until after we pick up the rider and start the ride on the app. They are asking where you are going to circumvent the reason for Uber not telling them where you are going, which is to avoid drivers cherry-picking which rides they take.

Can Ubers ask where you’re going?

An Uber driver is never supposed to know the destination until the trip has started. But some drivers are said to be calling passengers in advance and finding out where the passengers want to go, which is against Uber policy.

Why do Uber drivers put the window down?

Can Uber driver choose where to go?

You can set a destination filter to a place you're going—like home or school—and the app will help you find trips in that direction. This helps you earn while heading where you need to go. To do this, tap on the magnifying glass on your map screen and enter an address.

Can you ask an Uber driver to speed?

For riders and Uber Eats users, don't ask a driver or delivery person to speed or to make illegal stops, dropoffs, or maneuvers.

Can I request a woman Uber driver?

In the high-tech world that offers you the opportunity to hail a ride through an app on your mobile phone, you might think it's easy to choose whether you would like a man or a woman driver. Not so fast — neither Uber nor Lyft offer you the choice to choose the sex of your driver.

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