Is the water blue in Santorini?

Renowned for its red steep cliffs, red pebbly sand and dark blue waters that create a wild setting.

What Colour is the water at Santorini?

Covered with black sand and pebbles and in contrast with the blue color of the clear waters, they constitute an idyllic location for their visitors and a great place to spend their holidays at. Another famous black beach in Santorini, is Kamari beach.

Does Santorini have blue water?

What color beaches does Santorini have?

As a result, the beaches are distinct as well, as they are covered in volcanic rocks and sand. There is a diversity of colors and the landscapes they create; white, red and mostly black sand and pebbles adorn the beaches in Santorini.

Does Santorini have clear waters?

The amazing volcanic landscape of Santorini host wonderful beaches in its ever-magical shoreline. The Red Beach is arguably the most famous beach of the island, showcasing crystal clear waters crowned by the majestic red rocks.

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