What is Uber benefits?

Health, life, and disabilityIn many countries, Uber provides a comprehensive medical insurance plan for you and your eligible dependents. Where it is not applicable, we offer an allowance to support your medical insurance costs. Uber also provides life and disability insurance for all eligible employees.

How do Uber drivers benefit?

Drive like a ProYou're a person who never settles. We want to keep you fueled on the road by connecting you to discounts on gas and car maintenance, Area Preferences¹ in select cities, and priority support.

What is the benefit of taking Uber?

What are the disadvantages of Uber?


  • Pricing. There's no way to predict how much an Uber ride might cost. …
  • Driver Cancelations. Uber drivers can cancel rides. …
  • Not Available in All Cities and Locations. Uber is widespread and located in 900+ cities, but it isn't available in every city or location where you might need it.

What are the pros and cons of Uber’s Choice?

Uber's advantages include door-to-door convenience, safety, and reliable quality. Uber's disadvantages include its surge pricing and the negative effects of replacing steady jobs with gig work.

What is the difference between Uber pass and Uber rewards?

Uber Pass is a monthly membership service, and Uber Rewards is the free Uber loyalty program. The benefits are complementary, and you can get even more value if you decide to enroll in both programs.

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