Is Majorca hotter than Tenerife?

Although Tenerife is on the same latitude as California, the prevailing Trade Winds ensure a pleasant breeze keeps temperatures spring-like twelve months a year. Mallorca on the other hand is on the same latitude as New York, colder in winter and hotter in summer than Tenerife.

Where is the warmest place in the Canaries in November?

TenerifeTenerife, SpainWhile all of Spain's Canary Islands — closer to Morocco than Iberia — are trusty warm-weather bets this month, Tenerife typically ranks among the hottest and yields six daily hours of sunshine.

Is Tenerife or Gran Canaria hotter in November?

The Canary Islands seem like a world away from the UK in November, not just a four-hour flight. The nights may be closing in at home, but you'll still get 11 hours of daylight in the Canaries. Gran Canaria is marginally hotter than the other islands, but you may not notice.

Which Canary Islands are hotter in October?

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