Is DiDi in the UK?

According to a source close to the company, DiDi has halted its plans to launch in the UK and continental Europe due to the regulatory challenges it faces both in China and abroad. In summer 2021 the Cyberspace Administration of China ordered online stores to stop offering DiDi's app.

Can you download DiDi in UK?

The Chinese taxi-hailing app Didi has suspended plans to launch in Britain and continental Europe amid concerns about how it handles sensitive passenger data, The Telegraph can reveal.

What countries is DiDi available in?


Area served Mainland China Mexico Australia Japan Brazil Colombia Hong Kong Taiwan Chile Costa Rica Panama Russia Peru Ecuador Dominican Republic Egypt Argentina
Key people Cheng Wei (Chairman & CEO) Liu Qing (President)
Services Vehicles for hire Food delivery Package delivery Bicycle sharing

Does DiDi work in London?

China's ride-hailing giant Didi Global has cut half its UK employees and told staff plans to launch services in the UK and Europe are on hold till at least 2025, following a crackdown by Beijing, The Guardian said on Thursday.

What has happened to DiDi?

(Bloomberg) — Didi Global Inc. is preparing to delist from the New York Stock Exchange, after its initial public offering there last year drew the wrath of Beijing. The Chinese ride-hailing giant said it plans to list in Hong Kong instead, allowing existing shareholders to convert their holdings in the company.

Is DiDi available in UK?

What rideshare app is used in UK?

We asked UK consumers about "Ride sharing/hailing / online taxi usage by brand" and found that "Uber" takes the top spot, while "Viavan" is at the other end of the ranking. These results are based on a representative online survey conducted in 2023 among 1,668 consumers in the UK.

What is the ride sharing app UK?

Uber. As we all know that Uber is a well-known taxi app; however, in the UK, it has the same center of attraction among drivers and riders. Having a presence in over 70+ countries in more than 10,000+ cities, Uber holds a tuff spot in the taxi booking niche.

Which taxi app is used in London?

Kabbee can help you find the best minicab rates, while Free Now and Gett provide metered and fixed fares, respectively. While Uber, Free Now, and Bolt have extensive coverage across London, some apps like Via and Gett have limited service areas. For fans of London's black cabs, Gett and Free Now are great choices.

Does Didi work in USA?

What Is the Difference Between DiDi Chuxing and Uber? Both company's offer ride-hailing services. DiDi actually bought Uber's China operations in 2016, so Uber no longer operates in China. At the same time, DiDi does not operate in the U.S.

What taxi app does UK use?

Description. Ride in comfort in black cabs across the UK with Gett – your go-to black cab app when you want a quick pick-up, smooth ride, and professional driver.

Is DiDi an Uber?

Didi Didi is the Chinese equivalent of Uber and has 550 million users globally.

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