Are trains or planes worse for the environment?

According to the National Geographic Green Guide, which is no longer in publication, you roughly double your emissions if you cancel your plane reservations and drive across the country instead. If you take the train, then you'll cut carbon dioxide (CO2) by half compared to the plane.

What is the carbon footprint of rail travel?

National rail emits around 35 grams per kilometer. The average petrol car emits 170 grams. So the footprint of taking the train is around 20% of taking a car: [ 35 / 170 * 100 = 20%]. National rail emits around 35 grams per kilometer.

What is the biggest transport polluter?

passenger carsMost polluting transportation modesThe vast majority of transportation-related emissions come from road vehicles such as passenger cars and freight trucks. These vehicles produced almost six GtCO₂ worldwide in 2021, accounting for roughly three-quarters of transportation sector emissions that year.

Are railroads environmentally friendly?

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