How safe is it to walk around Barcelona at night?

You will find many people on the streets of Barcelona at any time, so you don't have to be afraid at night. Yet, the neighbourhood around La Rambla turns into a hotspot for prostitutes and johns at night. Try to avoid La Rambla at night. Use your common sense at night as you would during the day in any big city.

Is it safe to walk in Spain at night?

It will all depend on where you are walking. Keep away from dark alleys and you should be fine. Locals told us not to walk THROUGH the Plaza de Cataluna at night so we didn't do so. I walk around my neighborhood late at night and I am ok.

Is it safe to walk around Barcelona alone?

Barcelona is a safe city where solo travelers will feel comfortable exploring, especially during the day. As with any major city, you should be aware of your surroundings and employ common sense to keep yourself and your valuables safe.

Is it safe to walk Barcelona at night?

Is it safe to walk with luggage in Barcelona?

There is no reason why you cannot walk through Barcelona with your luggage. Just make sure your valuables are secure. I will not deny that there is a problem with pickpockets but they are unlikely to steal you luggage. They are more interested in credit cards, passports, mobile phones, cameras etc.

Where can I walk around Barcelona at night?

Our favorite street nightlife spots to hang out in Barcelona are:

  • Plaza del Sol in the neighborhood of Gracia.
  • Plaza Real in the Gothic neighborhood.
  • Plaza de la Merced in the Gothic neighborhood.
  • Plaza del MACBA in the Raval neighborhood.
  • Port Vell.
  • Marbella beach and its skatepark.

Where not to go in Barcelona at night?

Here are some areas to be cautious of:

  • El Raval. …
  • Barrio Gótico at Night. …
  • El Born. …
  • Las Ramblas. …
  • Parc de la Ciutadella at Night. …
  • Beach Areas. …
  • Nou Barris and Sant Andreu Districts. …
  • Metro Stations and Public Transport Hubs.
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