What is the hottest temperature ever recorded in the Bahamas?

The all-time hottest temperature since records were. kept was 97.7°F and that record temperature was. recorded in June 1998. Good morning, it's currently 86°F or 30.0°C with partly.

What is the coldest weather in the Bahamas?

The Bahamas Weather Service website says "The lowest recorded temperature was 41.4°F on January 20th, 1981." (1981 was also the last time that Key West set their record of 41).

Is it always summer in the Bahamas?

Temperatures in the Bahamas average between 75°F and 84°F (24°C–29°C) in both winter and summer, although it can get chilly in the early morning and at night. The Bahamian winter usually feels like late spring—making winter the high season for North Americans rushing to escape snow and ice.

Is it muggy in The Bahamas?

The humidity in The Bahamas is high year-round, creating its beautiful tropical climate. Regardless of the month or time of year, the lowest humidity ranges between 75% in April to about 82% humidity in September.

What is the hottest month in Bahamas?

Does Bahamas get cold at night?

The weather in the BahamasThough this Caribbean territory does not experience winter, months like January tend to be cooler than most with lows of 63°F at night.

Is Bahamas too hot in July?

The hot weather in Bahamas in July sees an average daytime high temperature of 32°C, which is the best all year. The average low's just 23°C and it'll be a little cooler and comfortable at night.

What are the sunniest months in The Bahamas?

In the Bahamas, the sunniest month is April, which sees an average 9.2 daily hours of sunshine.

Is it better to go to the Bahamas in June or July?

Although serious storms are rare, the islands are subject to heavy downpours and easterly trade winds that contribute to tropical thunderstorms in the region. The best time to visit the Bahamas is between November and April for lots of sunshine, warm temperatures and less rain than the summer months.

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