Do you tip shuttle drivers in France?

You don't tip in France, not shuttle drivers, not taxi drivers, not waiters, not anybody. The price is what it says on the bill, TTC or TVAC, and that's it. As said, you don't HAVE to tip anybody in France (although small tips are expected for usherettes in theatres, but that's not transport related).

How much do you tip a Paris airport driver?

Taxi DriversFor normal rides in Paris, a small tip of €1¬-2 or just some extra coins is appropriate. If it was a long ride (like from the airport), or you had heavy bags. Not only taxi drivers, but the Uber driver and the delivery person also deserve a small tip for the great service.

How much should you tip the airport shuttle?

How much do you tip a private airport shuttle driver? Tipping practices can vary depending on the region and the service provided, but in general, it is customary to tip a private airport shuttle driver around 15% to 20% of the total fare. If the driver provides exceptional service, you may consider tipping more.

Do you tip airport shuttle drivers in France?

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