Which metro is most profitable in India?

Kochi Metro has achieved its first-ever operating profit after six years of operation, with a remarkable 145 per cent increase in revenue in the 2022-23 fiscal year. Kerala's Kochi Metro has achieved an operating profit for the first time since it began services six years ago.

Is Chennai Metro profitable?

The Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) is a government-owned company that operates the Chennai Metro in Chennai, India. The CMRL is currently not profitable, and has been incurring losses since it began operations in 2010. In the financial year 2019-20, the CMRL incurred a loss of Rs. 525 crore.

Is Delhi Metro profitable or not?

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs also informed the Rajya Sabha earlier this month that all the operational Metro rail networks in the country are currently running in losses. The DMRC's annual report of 2021-2022 also reported a net loss of Rs 3808.63 crore.

Is Delhi Metro profitable?

The DMRC's annual report of 2021-2022 also reported a net loss of Rs 3808.63 crore. The DMRC during the said period generated a total revenue of Rs 4677.01 crore, inclusive of income from passenger traffic operations, real estate, consultancy and external projects.

Is Jaipur metro successful?

The project that was planned to meet the urban transport demands of the city for the next many decades has miserably failed as due to faulty planning. The JMRC earned Rs 453.26 lakh from operations.

Which city has busiest metro in India?

Delhi Metro MapDelhi metro map consists of a colour-coded description of nine metro lines on the metro route map. The Delhi metro route map consists of the Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Violet, Orange, Pink, Magenta, and Grey lines. The Delhi Metro Rail is the largest and busiest metro network in India.

Which Metros in India are in profit?

Is Bangalore Metro profitable?

The Bengaluru metro has achieved profitability for the first time in more than a decade since it began operations in 2011. During the fiscal year 2022-23, BMRCL achieved a profitable margin and aims to attain a profit of Rs 100 crore by the end of the subsequent fiscal year, 2023-24, Deccan Herald (DH) reported.

Is Jaipur Metro profitable?

Is Jaipur Metro profit or loss? "Despite all this, Metro managed to earn only Rs 2.98 crore in 2020 and Rs 6.87 crore in 2021. Metro's earning in 2019 and 2018 was Rs 8.68 and Rs 8.47 crore, respectively," added an official.

Why is Delhi Metro so good?

DMRC was certified by the United Nations in 2011 as the first metro rail and rail-based system in the world to get carbon credits for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing carbon emission levels in the city by 630,000 tonnes every year.

Which is the cheapest metro in India?

KolkataKolkata : The city of joy was the cheapest metro in India , as well as stands at a decent position across the world.

Is Ahmedabad Metro profitable?

Ahmedabad Metro, which charges a minimum one-way fare of Rs 5 and a maximum of Rs 25, saw its earnings from ticket sales rise by 21 per cent between January and March. In March, when the ridership crossed 13.28 lakh, the earnings from sale of tickets for the Metro stood at Rs 2.03 crore.

Is Delhi Metro successful?

It is the largest and busiest metro rail system in India, and the second oldest after the Kolkata Metro. The system has a mix of underground, at-grade, and elevated stations using both broad-gauge and standard-gauge tracks. The Delhi Metro operates over 4,300 trips daily.

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