Do you need cash in St. Martin?

Hear this out loudPauseThe US Dollar is accepted everywhere on the island. Local currency and US Dollar ATM machines (Maestro/Cirrus) are situated throughout the island. Major credit cards are accepted in most tourist establishments.

How do people get around in St. Martin?

Hear this out loudPauseThere are regular cabs available to get around from Marigot, from Philipsburg and from all tourist sites. There are regular cabs available at both airports (regional and international) seven days a week. If you do not want to rent a car on St. Martin, a cab is the ideal compromise.

What kind of adapter do I need for St Martin?

Hear this out loudPauseIn Saint Martin the power plug sockets are of type E. Check out the following pictures. When living in the United States of America you need a power plug adapter for sockets type E. Your appliances with plug A don't fit socket E.

How do you pay for things in St Martin?

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