Is it safe to travel to Roatan 2024?

Roatan is a safe island. Crime can be easily avoided by taking basic safety precautions.

Is it safe to travel to Honduras on a cruise?

Reconsider travel to Honduras due to crime and kidnapping. Some areas have increased risk.

How safe is Roatan right now?

Roatan is considered to be very safe for tourists and is possibly the safest place in Honduras. The Roatan crime rate is very low. I felt safer in Roatan than I do when I'm back home in New York. In fact, the island of Roatan, Honduras is a favorite among the world's ex-pats.

How many people get kidnapped in Honduras?

Number of kidnapping cases in selected countries in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2021

Characteristic Number of kidnapping cases
Honduras 34
Jamaica 16
Costa Rica 14
Paraguay 14

Is Roatan Honduras safe for cruise passengers 2023?

Do cruise ships have to tender in Roatan?

If your day in port coincides with another ship's arrival, you might be docked, or you might need to tender to shore. Usually, Royal Caribbean cruise ships dock while Norwegian cruise ships tender when they coincide at Port of Roatan.

What to buy in Roatan cruise port?

Shopping at Town Center at Port of RoatanSome popular Honduran gifts you might want to purchase include hand-rolled cigars, locally produced rum, locally made chocolate, Central American coffee, and a wide variety of incredible local art and jewelry.

Is Honduras safe to travel 2023?

Exercise a high degree of caution in Honduras overall due to the threat of violent crime. Higher levels apply in some areas.

What area has the most kidnappings?

The countries with the highest rates of kidnap are those with weak security infrastructures, high levels of impunity and economic disparity, such as Mexico, Venezuela and Nigeria, and those experiencing prolonged conflicts, such as Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan.

Where do the most kidnappings happen?

Kidnapping Demographic Statistics

  • Turkey has the highest kidnapping rate worldwide at 42.669 per 100,000. …
  • New Mexico ranked first for kidnapping in the US. …
  • Teenagers (aged 12 or older) accounted for 81% of kidnapping victims. …
  • The recovery rate was 97% for high-risk kidnapping cases.
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