What can you not do on an airplane?

Ahead, three flight attendants offer nine tips for what you should never, ever do on an airplane.

  • Don't walk around without shoes. …
  • Don't tend to your personal hygiene. …
  • Don't touch a flight attendant. …
  • Don't ask a flight attendant to lift your luggage. …
  • Don't be too loud. …
  • Don't bring your untrained pet.

What should you avoid when flying?

“For this reason, I always avoid eating foods that make my stomach bloated and expand even more. These foods include onion, kale, beans, red meat, lentils, gluten, and broccoli.” Beyond foods, Remo added, it may be a good idea to steer clear of carbonated drinks that can also lead to an upset stomach in the air.

What not to do in a plane?

What’s the safest place to sit on a plane?

middle seatsEven more specifically, the middle seats in the back of the aircraft are statistically the safest, with just a 28 percent fatality rate. By comparison, aisle seats in the middle of the cabin had a fatality rate of 44 percent.

Why should you wear jeans on a plane?

I'm a passionate traveler and frequent flyer who's visited nearly 40 countries. On some trips, I've worn jeans on planes — and, honestly, it's not that bad. Wearing jeans helps save luggage space and can be as comfortable as sweats if they are well-worn.

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