Why should I go to Santorini?

Santorini is the best romantic holiday destination all over the world. Luxury whitewashed houses perched on caldera cliffs with extraordinary views to Aegean Sea, mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets and a wide range of romantic activities are some reasons why this volcanic island is so popular.

Why is Santorini a tourist attraction?

In brief, Santorini is famous for its stunning sights; the caldera, the active volcano, and the romantic sunset are probably the most enchanting. You can see the best Sights of Santorini below: Ancient sites, Museums, Churches, Castles, and more points of interest.

What are the benefits of tourism in Santorini?

From the economic point of view, the impact of tourism on Santorini is to increase business income, improve social services, develop its less developed regions, upgrade infrastructure, encourage business activity, increase employment and improve the living standard of the island's inhabitants.

Why is Santorini worth visiting?

Is it worth going to Santorini?

Santorini is regularly voted one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It has all the qualities you dream of when you picture the perfect Greek island: whitewashed houses, towering cliffs and spectacular sunsets.

Is it worth going to Santorini Greece?

Why is Santorini worth visiting? Santorini is a unique island in the Aegean Sea that offers charming little villages, a stunning volcanic landscape, and high cliffs that provide an amazing view over the sunset. It is also home to fabulous luxury hotels and restaurants that make a stay quite comfortable.

Santorini has been a popular destination since 1970, when it became famous worldwide for its unique landscape. Since centuries Greeks have been known for their good cuisine and hospitality. Santorini caters very well for their visitors and it is celebrated for its restaurants and hotels.

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