Which train station is best for Nice Airport?

Nice Saint-Augustin train station offers a direct connection to the airport. Tramway lines 2 and 3 provide a free link between Terminal 2, Terminal 1 and the "Grand-Arénas" station. Less than 500 metres apart, a dedicated pedestrian walkway takes 7 minutes to reach the station from Terminal 1.

How far is Nice-Ville train station from airport?

4 milesOverview: Train from Nice-Ville to Nice Cote d'Azur Airport

Distance 4 miles
Average train duration 4 min
Average train ticket price £2 (€2)
Direct train No
Train providers SNCF | TER

Is there a tram from Nice Airport to city Centre?

It is possible to take Tram 2 from the airport to central Nice for as little as 3.70€. It's less convenient, especially after a long flight, but it is not particularly difficult. There is no cost to take Tram 2 from the airport to Grand Arénas, which is the first station outside of the airport.

What is the name of the train station at Nice airport?

How to get from Nice Airport to Central station?

Nice city centre is less than 30 min. away by tram!This route stops at the airport (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2), and connects with the city centre via the “Jean Médecin” station, and with the port via the “Port Lympia” station. There is a tram to the airport roughly every 8 minutes during the week.

Is the nice tram free?

Trams run every 5 to 10 minutes between 4:30am and 11:30pm, each and every day. Tram tickets cost €1.50. Daylong passes are available for €5, allowing the holder unlimited transport on Nice's trams and buses for the entire day. (These passes are NOT valid for bus travel to Nice Airport.

How much is the tram from Nice Airport to the city?

How much is a tram ticket from Nice Airport? Tram fares operate in the same way as the public bus system in Nice. A single-use ticket costs just €1.50 per person and is valid for 74 minutes. You can buy your ticket from the vending machines outside the terminals or online.

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