Is it worth it to go to Las Palmas?

Incredible natural wonders. Gran Canaria's spectacular natural beauty is a good enough reason why you should visit Las Palmas. An outdoor adventure is never too far away, and just on the doorstep of the city is Caldera de Bandama or the Cauldron of Bandama.

Is there much crime in Gran Canaria?

Gran Canaria is not a particularly high-crime area, but petty theft is sometimes a problem in Las Palmas and the big resorts. Carry valuables close to your body – preferably under your clothes in a money belt or pouch under your shirt.

What are the threats to the Canary Islands?

Partying and excessive alcohol consumption at these destinations can leave tourists vulnerable to crimes including muggings, anti-social behaviour and drink spiking. Whilst these issues are relatively rare, tourists are advised to remain aware at all times and do not drink excessive amounts in order to stay in control.

Is it safe to go to Las Palmas Gran Canaria?

Can you walk around Gran Canaria?

No matter what you're looking for, you can find a diverse range of the best walking trails in Gran Canaria to suit your needs. Explore one of 34 family-friendly walks for a sunny weekend.

What currency is used in the Canary Islands?

the EuroAs part of an agreement with the EU, the Euro is the only form of Canaries currency that's accepted as legal tender. You'll see it represented as either 'EUR' or €. Before the Euro, the Canary Islands currency was the Spanish Peseta.

Why is the air quality bad in Canary Islands?

The predominance of trade winds, which blow almost constantly from May to October, facilitates the dispersion of primary pollutants in this urban environment, whereas their proximity to Africa favors the arrival of natural particulate matter to the islands [4].

Are cockroaches a problem in Canary Islands?

I can understand your phobia as I am terrified of lizards and there are plenty of them in the Canaries. No, cockroaches don't bite and if you are staying in a hotel will probably not see any. However, they are a fact of life in a subtropical climate.

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