What are the attendants on a train called?

Porter. One employed to carry baggage for and assist patrons at rail terminals; a car attendant who waits on passengers and makes up berths. Steward. One who manages the provisioning of food and attends passengers. Stewardess.

What is someone who works on a train called?

A train driver, engine driver, engineman or locomotive driver, commonly known as an engineer or railroad engineer in the United States and Canada, and also as a locomotive handler, locomotive engineer, locomotive operator, train operator, or motorman, is a person who operates a train, railcar, or other rail transport …

What do you call the train staff?

Employees on a passenger train are divided into train-service crew members – who are responsible for the train's operation (i.e., the conductor and engineer) – and on-board service employees, who staff coaches, dining cars, and sleeping cars, and tend to the needs of passengers.

What is the nickname for railroad workers?

Engineer hogger, hoghead, driver
Conductor Ram-rod, conducer, The Brains, skipper
Fireman Bakehead
Brakeman brakie, pinner, pinhead, baby lifter
Yard Master yard goat, dinger

What is the crew on a freight train?

For Class I railroads, recent industry practice has been to have two-person crews (a certified locomotive engineer and a certified conductor) in the locomotive cab for most over-the-road mainline operations.

What is a railroad crew?

Train crews contain a group of entry-level positions that are responsible for a variety of duties. Workers on train crews are often preparing to eventually become a conductor or locomotive engineer. Typically train crews consist of brake and switch people, who are responsible for traffic control and freight transport.

What is a railroad laborer job description?

TRACK LABORER – JOB DESCRIPTION. Position Summary: Performs hard physical labor using hand tools and equipment to: construct, alter, repair, maintain, and demolish railroad tracks, associated structures and components.

What is a train slang?

As early as 1949, train was used to refer to group sex involving one woman and multiple men who had sex with her in sequence. Pulling a train typically meant submitting a woman to this treatment without her consent, a form of gang rape.

What do you call a train spotter?

Whether you prefer to be called a trainspotter, a train buff, a rail fan, a rail enthusiast or even a ferroequinologist, you will get a warm welcome at all our stations. Our advice and guidance will help you enjoy your passion safely.

How many staff does a train have?

Existing FRA regulations do not mandate minimum crew staffing requirements. For Class I railroads, recent industry practice has been to have two-person crews (a certified locomotive engineer and a certified conductor) in the locomotive cab for most over-the-road mainline operations.

What is a servant on a train called?

Do freight trains carry people?

Passenger trains carry people, while freight trains carry goods, raw resources, and even the mail. Because freight trains no longer need to carry passenger cars, engineers have changed their design. These changes mean that freight and passenger cars can no longer travel together.

What are the parts of train?


  • Bogies. US-style railroad truck (bogie) with journal bearings. …
  • Couplers. Main article: Railway coupling. …
  • Brakes. Main article: Railway air brake. …
  • Warning devices. …
  • Cabs.

What is the front of the train called?

The engine, or locomotive, powers the train by pulling the cars from the front.

What were the railroad workers?

Railroad workers ranged from unskilled freight handlers to locomotive engineers to those who built and repaired the rolling stock. In the early days of Chicago railroading, most engineers and conductors were native-born men.

What is the job description of a laborer?

Laborer Job Responsibilities:Maintain all safety standards. Moves, secures, installs, builds, loads, or unloads materials. Performs some specialized tasks which may require on-the job training. Effectively using heavy and light equipment, depending on the jobsite/assignment.

What is a hogger in the railroad?

The Federal statute which provides that all train and engineer crews must be relieved of duty after 12 hours of continuous service. Hogger (Slang) Locomotive engineer. Hoghead (Slang) Locomotive engineer.

What is slang for train spotter?

The term "Anorak" refers to anyone who is obsessed with a hobby to the point of fanatacism. It comes from trainspotters (a term that can be freely substituted for anorak) who traditionally wear anoraks to keep toasty while noting down train numbers on windy platforms.

What is a train watchman?

Watchmen. Watchmen establish on track protection by warning employees of approaching trains so the employees can clear the tracks before the trains reach the work site. Step 5. Establish the Protection. Step 5 in establishing on track protection is to establish.

What is a train Cowcatcher?

cowcatcher. / (ˈkaʊˌkætʃə) / noun. US and Canadian a metal frame on the front of a locomotive to clear the track of animals or other obstructions.

What is the boss of a train called?

The conductor title is most common in North American railway operations, but the role is common worldwide under various job titles. In Commonwealth English, a conductor is also known as guard or train manager.

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