Are there insects in Rarotonga?

The invertebrate biodiversity expedition on Raemaru encountered three unique Rarotonga insects, one undescribed, and of the seven locally-unrecorded species, only one was able to be identified.

What mosquito disease is in Rarotonga?

Dengue. Te Marae Ora declared an outbreak of Dengue Type 1 (DENV-1) on 27 February 2019. To date, there have been over 300 cases since 2019, with over 190 new cases reported since January 2020. There have been no deaths related to dengue.

What is the food poisoning in Rarotonga?

Ciguatera fish poisoning (CFP) has been reported for many years in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, and has had the world's highest reported incidence of this illness for the last 20 years.

What is the best insect repellent for the Cook Islands?

Badger Anti-Bug Balm is a good all-rounder for protecting yourself against mosquitoes in Rarotonga and the Cook Islands. The organic and natural mosquito repellent is based on citronella, cedar and lemongrass. Badger also offers sprays in aluminium bottles (although have plastic lids) and balm sticks.

Do you need bug spray in Rarotonga?

Does Rarotonga have mosquitos?

The mosquito fauna of RarotongaFour species were identified in the adult and larval collections: Culex (Culex) quinquefasciatus Say, Culex (Culex) annulirostris Skuse, Aedes (Stego- myia) aegypti (Linnaeus), and Aedes (Stegomyia) polynesiensis Marks.

Can you get sick in Rarotonga?

Health. Insect-borne illnesses, including dengue and chikungunya, are present in the Cook Islands. Ensure your accommodation is insect-proof. Use insect repellent.

How common is dengue in Rarotonga?

Last year there were just over 140 presumed cases. Since the beginning of 2021 Te Marae Ora estimates that at least 60 people on Rarotonga are likely to have or have recently recovered from dengue” Mr Williams said.

Are there lots of mosquitoes in Rarotonga?

Mosquitos are around all year in the Cook Islands, so it's a good idea to always have some sort of insect repellent on hand, especially when going into any forested areas. However, mosquitoes are most abundant during the wet season, from around mid-December to mid-April.

Should you tip in Rarotonga?

It is not customary to tip in the Cook Islands. Tipping is the exception rather than a norm. As tourism grows, and as more Cook Islanders return to their homeland, as opposed to living overseas in either New Zealand or Australia.

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