What is the blob heading towards Florida?

Seaweed blob headed to Florida that smells like rotten eggs shrinks "beyond expectation" Florida's monthslong hit from a giant blob of seaweed that smells like rotten eggs may be over sooner than what was previously thought.

What caused the sargassum blob?

If the plants don't use all the nutrients (like nitrogen or phosphorus) in the fertilizer, the excess nutrients end up washing into streams and rivers, and then eventually ends up in the ocean. Those excess nutrients can then fuel blooms of Sargassum and other algae.

What was the blob that washed up on Florida?

What is sargassum? A giant blob of seaweed called the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt is floating toward the West Coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico.

How long will the sargassum seaweed last in Florida?

USF reports it remains difficult to predict exact timing and location for individual beaching events but substantial amounts of the seaweed are expected in May in both the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico. June is forecast to be the likely peak of the 2023 season, but impacts are expected to continue into July.

What part of Florida will be affected by the seaweed blob?

What to know about the sargassum seaweed blob hitting Florida From Montego Bay to Miami, sargassum is leaving stinky brown carpets over what was once prime tourist sand. But whether it gets ignored or removed, it comes with high health and environmental risks.

What Florida beaches will be impacted by the seaweed blob?

That's because the seaweed will follow the Gulf Stream current, which moves around Cuba, past the Florida Keys and then makes its way around Miami and the east coast of Florida, its those beaches where the seaweed will likely wash ashore. "It's a natural plant is not an invasive species.

How do they get rid of Sargassum?

With EDDY Pump technology, sargassum can be removed quickly, efficiently, and at a low cost. First, the sargassum is barricaded a ways out from the shore to allow it to collect into a large mass. Next, the sargassum is pumped using either an on-shore or off-shore based self-priming slurry pump system.

What is the problem with Sargassum?

It can not only block access to beaches and ports, but it can also negatively impact water quality. These problems often arise when sargassum isn't cleaned up in a timely manner. Because the seaweed begins to decompose within 24 hours, it must be processed or preserved relatively quickly.

Where will seaweed blob hit?

This summer, a huge mass of sargassum seaweed that has formed in the Atlantic Ocean is expected along Florida and other coastlines. The sargassum, a naturally occurring type of macroalgae, spans more than 5,000 miles.

What does the seaweed blob smell like in Florida?

The algae bloom doesn't have an odor until it washes up on shore and begins to rot and emits hydrogen sulfide, a substance that can be blamed for the rotten egg smell.

What is the blob in Florida?

Is sargassum seaweed harmful to humans?

As it rots, it gives off a substance called hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide has a very unpleasant odor, like rotten eggs. Although the seaweed itself cannot harm your health, tiny sea creatures that live in Sargassum can cause skin rashes and blisters.

What part of Florida will the sargassum hit?

no matter how much Sargassum we'll land on the east coast beaches, the west coast of Florida is largely spared every year [and] this year is no exception," Dr. Hu says. Nevertheless, they still anticipate there will soon be an impact on beaches in South Florida where the brown seaweed washes ashore.

Will sargassum hit Destin Florida?

He explained that the seaweed forms the “big blob” pretty much every year, and typically impacts the Caribbean Islands and south Florida. While the “big blob” of sargassum may be heading into the Gulf of Mexico, via currents, Fogg says it's unlikely to significantly impact the Destin-Fort Walton Beach area.

Can you swim with sargassum?

If you don't have any open wounds, you should be OK to swim in oceans with sargassum, since that environment is moving saltwater instead of brackish water, he added. But if you see a clump go by, stay away from it. Don't swim in waters that appear filthy.

How long will seaweed be on Florida beaches?

But it's still early: The local seaweed season typically runs from May to October, with the peak coming in June and July, according to Tom Morgan, chief of operations at Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces.

Can you get sick from sargassum?

Although the seaweed itself cannot harm your health, tiny sea creatures that live in Sargassum can cause skin rashes and blisters. Learn more about Sargassum—what it is, how it can harm your health, and how to protect yourself and your family from possible health effects.

Is sargassum good for anything?

Sargassum seaweed is rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, making it an excellent fertilizer for crops. A study conducted by researchers from the University of the West Indies found that sargassum can increase soil fertility and crop yields when used as a fertilizer.

What does sargassum do to humans?

For example, Sargassum may harbor organisms, like jellyfish, that can cause skin irritation. Exposure to hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, produced during the decay of Sargassum, may also cause mild to serious health effects, including respiratory, cardiovascular, and neurological impacts.

What happens if you swim in sargassum?

Although the seaweed itself cannot harm your health, tiny sea creatures that live in Sargassum can cause skin rashes and blisters.

What parts of Florida will be affected by seaweed blob?

(WFLA) — Marine scientists are tracking a 5,000-mile-wide seaweed bloom that is so large, it can be seen from space. It's already hit the Florida Keys and is threatening beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. These sargassum blooms are nothing new, but scientists say this one could be the largest in history.

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