Who fell off the ship swam with sharks for 20 hours?

James Michael Grimes ended up in the sea, treading water for 20 hours. His only company, jellyfish and sharks. And his only food – wood. Grimes, 28, was on a Carnival cruise ship with his family, the night before Thanksgiving – November 23 – when he left his companions to use the bathroom around 11pm.

How did James Grimes fall off a cruise ship?

It would be his last memory of his time on the cruise, Grimes says, because after leaving his family at a bar, he fell overboard into the Gulf of Mexico. "The next thing I remember is waking up in the water," he says. "The boat was out of sight.

What is the longest someone has survived stranded in the ocean?

approximately 484 daysJapanese captain Oguri Jukichi holds the Guinness World Record for the longest known time that anyone has survived adrift at sea. Joined by one of his sailors, the skipper managed to survive for approximately 484 days after their cargo ship was damaged in a storm off the Japanese coast in October 1813.

Were ship crew eaten by sharks in ww2?

(It was a feeding frenzy after a Japanese submarine torpedoed the USS Indianapolis on July 30, 1945 during World War II. Some 900 American sailors were stranded in shark-infested waters, where an estimated 50 men a day were ripped apart by the sharks.

What ship sank and crew eaten by sharks?

How many survived the sinking of the USS Indianapolis? While the sharks were by no means responsible for all the deaths, of the around 900 men who went into the water – on 30 July, not 29 June – only 316 came out again.

What is the longest someone has survived on a raft?

133 days

Poon Lim
Branch Merchant Navy
Ship Benlomond
Known for Survived for 133 days in a life raft at sea as a castaway
Awards British Empire Medal

Who survived 20 hours at sea?

How long did James Grimes tread water?

15 to 20 hoursJames Michael Grimes, 28, said he spent a harrowing 15 to 20 hours treading water before he was rescued the day before American Thanksgiving.

Who was the man found alive after 3 days in sunken ship?

Harrison Okene's story of surviving in a capsized boat at the bottom of the ocean drew headlines in 2013. He spent three days in an air bubble, not knowing if he would be rescued, while fish nibbled on him. Now, he tells the Guardian, he has retrained to dive even deeper.

Who was the longest man lost at sea?

Alvarenga's journey had lasted 438 days. The length of his voyage has been variously calculated as 5,500 to 6,700 miles (8,900 to 10,800 km). Some newspapers originally reported Alvarenga's tally of 15-plus lunar cycles as 16 months, but eventually corrected this to 13 months.

How many men were eaten by sharks when the USS Indianapolis sank?

A little after midnight, the USS Doyle arrived on the scene and helped to pull the last survivors from the water. Of the Indianapolis' original 1,196-man crew, only 317 remained. Estimates of the number who died from shark attacks range from a few dozen to almost 150.

Did sharks eat Titanic survivors?

No sharks did not eat Titanic passengers.

What is the longest someone has survived stranded on an island?

Tom Neale. Author of the popular autobiography An Island to Oneself, Tom Francis Neale was a New Zealander who spent 16 years of his life (in three sessions) living alone on Suwarrow island in the Cook Islands. His first time around, Neale caught a ride with a ship passing close to Suwarrow.

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