Which side of Maui is best for snorkeling?

1. Honolua Bay. Honolua Bay is arguably the best snorkeling spot on the west side of Maui. It's a marine life conservation district, which means fishing in the bay is restricted.

Is it safe to snorkel at Makena beach?

The most optimal time for snorkeling is early morning when winds are light and crowds are minimal. Occasionally during the summer large waves can create dangerous and less than optimal snorkeling conditions. Overall, Makena Landings is one of the best places on Maui to both snorkel and see turtles.

Is Napili beach Safe?

The water may look calm but the currents can be very strong and waves rough. Do not go swimming/snorkeling here unless you are a strong & experienced OCEAN swimmer.

Is Makena Beach Safe?

Makena BeachAlso known as “breakneck beach,” the surf breaks right on the shore, making this an extremely dangerous beach in Hawaii for swimming. Oh, and if the dangerous surf breaks aren't enough to deter you from entering the water, Makena Beach is considered one of the world's most deadly beaches for shark attacks.

What is the safest beach for snorkeling in Maui?

Do I need to worry about sharks in Maui?

From a statistical standpoint, being attacked by a shark is one of the last things you should worry about when playing in the ocean in Maui. Any number of things—from driving to the airport, to napping beneath a coconut tree—are statistically more dangerous than sharks.

What should I be careful of when snorkeling?

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind!

  • Use a Buddy System. …
  • Check Weather Conditions. …
  • Know Your Snorkeling and Swimming Skill Level. …
  • Keep Your Hands Off the Turtles and the Reef. …
  • Check Your Surroundings. …
  • Avoid Alcohol Consumption and Exhaustion While Snorkeling. …
  • Protect Your Skin, Especially Your Back.

Is snorkeling at Molokini safe?

Molokini is the ultimate snorkeling experience, and because of its crystal clear sheltered waters, Molokini snorkeling is a safe and unique adventure for the entire family. From its shallow calm waters, diverse marine life and beautiful coral reef, Molokini is superb.

Is it safe to snorkel in Molokini?

Is snorkeling at Molokini safe? Yes. Though there's risk of injury anywhere in the ocean, there are several reasons why snorkeling at Molokini is considered safer than from the shore.

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