Which two station is the shortest London Underground journey between?

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Date opened 1863
Shortest distance between stations Leicester Square to Covent Garden (Piccadilly line) – 0.3km
Furthest station from central London Chesham
Longest direct journey Epping to West Ruislip (Central line) – 54.9km


What is the fastest way to travel in London is below the city on the?

London's Underground rail network, or 'the Tube' as it is universally known, is often the quickest and easiest way to travel around London. If you're caught on the Tube (as well as other TFL modes of transport) without a valid ticket you're liable for an on-the-spot fine.

What is the longest Tube line in London?

The Central lineThe Central line is a London Underground line that runs through central London, from Epping, Essex, in the north-east to Ealing Broadway and West Ruislip in west London. Printed in red on the Tube map, the line serves 49 stations over 46 miles (74 km), making it the longest line on the Underground.

Which 2 Tube stations are closest together?

The two stations are less than a five-minute walk apartEach week hundreds of tourists are wasting money on taking the Tube between the two closest stops on the London Underground network: Covent Garden and Leicester Square.

What is the shortest Tube journey in London?

Can you visit every London Underground station in one day?

Travelling along all lines from end to end would certainly meet the requirements of the record, but takes too long to get a record (currently 16h 20m) especially when you add on minor details such as incorporating connection times between lines.

Which tube line crosses all others?

The Jubilee LinePenalty fares were only introduced in 1994. The Jubilee Line is the only one to connect with all the other Underground Lines.

Which tube station is Buckingham Palace?

St James’s Park stationAlternatively, take the tube to St James's Park station, on the Circle (yellow) and District (green) lines. This is the closest tube station to Buckingham Palace. Or, take the tube to Hyde Park Corner on the Picadilly line (blue) and walk down Constitution Hill.

Which London Underground line connects with every other one?

The Jubilee LineThe Jubilee Line is the only one to connect with all the other Underground Lines.

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