How much does it cost to ship your car to Hawaii?

While it can cost anywhere from $950 to $3,000 to ship a car to Hawaii, top provider Montway Auto Transport shared an estimate of between $1,500 and $2,100 for their services. The cost of shipping a car to Hawaii costs depends on several factors, such as the type of transport, vehicle size, and delivery method.

How much does it cost to transport a car to Hawaii from California?

Car shipping from California to Hawaii will typically cost at least $1,500, based on various car shipping quotes we received. Roll-on/roll-off shipping is almost always the cheapest option, but leaves your car vulnerable to damages during transit.

What is the best car transport to Hawaii?

Recommended Hawaii Car Shipping CompaniesMontway Auto Transport and SGT Auto Transport are two providers we recommend checking out as you explore car shipping services for the Aloha State.

Can I take my car to Hawaii for vacation?

How easy is it to drive around Hawaii?

Even the paved roads aren't in the best condition, so be prepared for some rough driving. The traffic in Hawaii can also be surprisingly heavy, especially on O'ahu. In fact, the traffic conditions in Honolulu rank among the worst in the nation, competing with famously gridlocked cities like Los Angeles and New York.

What is the best port to ship a car to Hawaii?

While it's often cheaper to simply ship cars to Honolulu, that's not an option if you're headed to one of the outer islands. There are various ports on the West Coast that handle car shipping to Hawaii, with some of the most popular being Los Angeles, Oakland, Long Beach and Seattle/Tacoma.

How long does it take to ship a car from the West Coast to Hawaii?

Factors like traffic and weather can affect the delivery day and time. In general, shipping a vehicle from California to Hawaii takes around 7-14 days. Again, factors not controlled by us (the Pacific can be unpredictable) may cause slight delays, in some cases.

How long would a boat ride from California to Hawaii?

Los Angeles to Honolulu – Most directThis route takes you across the Pacific Ocean, covering a distance of approximately 2,450 nautical miles. It typically takes around 14 to 18 days to complete this journey, depending on the speed of your boat and weather conditions.

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