Can you sunbathe in Malaga in November?

The Malaga weather in November has a good deal of sunshine, but it's the wettest time of the year and you'll need a light jacket. Malaga's a popular tourist city in the Costa del Sol, on the Andalucia coast to the north of Fuengirola. It's one of the sunniest and warmest spots in mainland Europe.

Can you sunbathe in Malaga?

Although July and August can be too hot for some, and mid-winter may bring rain and cold sea winds, Malaga's long spring and autumn offer many months of sunbathing, eating in seaside restaurants and a leisurely outdoor café lifestyle.

Can you tan in Malaga in October?

What is the temperature in Malaga in October?

The weather in Malaga in October produces very warm early autumn temperatures, with the average high being an impressive 24°C. The average low's only around 16°C and if you're out in the evening, you should only need a light sweater.

Where in Spain is still warm in October?

AndalusiaNow, southern Spain, which includes all of Andalusia and parts of southern Castilla La Mancha, Extremadura, Murcia, and parts of the Valencia region, has almost perfect weather in October. Daily temperatures range from about 58 to 79°F (15-25°C), with the occasional break into the 80s.

How hot is Malaga in October?

How Warm Is Malaga In October? The daily average temperature in October is 20°C with a toasty maximum temperature of 24°C and an average overnight minimum of 14°C.

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