How does the MyRide app work?

Once downloaded onto your smartphone, it records each trip and provides a score based on how well you do in these categories. With this score, new and experienced drivers can learn what their strengths and weaknesses are and work on becoming better and safer drivers.

What is RTD app?

RTD's updated mobile ticketing app includes new features to make riding RTD easier than ever. Customers can add funds to their MyRide account and scan their mobile MyRide barcode at validators to board RTD buses and trains.

What is KTM Myride?

Paired with the new KTM MY RIDE app (available for Android $8.99 and iOS, $7.99), visual guidance is transmitted via Bluetooth to the TFT display to show the pre-planned destination. To save on mobile data use, maps can be downloaded for offline use; this also helps to create and save pre-planned routes.

How do I verify RTD?

What is the procedure for testing an RTD sensor?

  1. Verify RTD. Place the positive (+) lead of your multimeter on I+ or V+ and the negative (-) lead on V- or I. …
  2. Verify sensor leads: measuring between the I and V leads. – Measure the resistance between the I+ and V+ leads. …
  3. Verify sensor leads: isolation.

How long do RTD transfers last?

3 hours3-hour passes issued from the on-bus printers are marked with the expiration time (3 hours from time of issue), and are valid until the time printed on the pass. Factors may extend the expiration time such as service delays, detours, and inclement weather.

How do I connect my phone to my KTM?

There. Um once i've done. That so essentially now you'll see that the phone is showing over there on the display. And i just have to hit the enter button and then it will start the pairing.

How do I download KTM my ride?

KTM MY RIDE can be downloaded for iOS or Android platforms through the relevant app stores and costs €8.99 for a one-time purchase.

How accurate is an RTD?

Accuracy: RTDs are generally more accurate than thermocouples. RTDs have typically an accuracy of 0.1°C, compared to 1°C for most.

What is the RTD temperature scanner?

An RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) is a sensor whose resistance changes as its temperature changes. The resistance increases as the temperature of the sensor increases. The resistance vs temperature relationship is well known and is repeatable over time. An RTD is a passive device.

How do I use RTD my ride app?

Can I buy my ticket at the station?

It really depends on your preference – there are lots of options to find the best fares in the most convenient place. For example, you can use the National Rail website or app, or visit a station ticket office or ticket machine.

What is a train transfer?

A transfer means that you will need to travel between different train stations, either on foot, by taxi or on public transport. The cost of public transport will not usually be included in the price of your ticket.

What does the KTM Connect app do?

KTM CONNECTPowered by SYGIC®, and using industry-standard mapping to guide riders to their destination of choice with real-time consideration of traffic, detours, and accidents on the route – as well as speed limits.

How do I connect my KTM to my ride?

HOW DO I CONNECT KTM MY RIDE TO MY BIKE? By activating Bluetooth on a mobile device and 'searching' for the KTM motorcycle. Once paired then both device and motorcycle will be synced and will interact. The mobile device can then be switched to 'black screen mode' and stored in a bag or pocket to save power.

How do I choose an RTD?

How to Choose a RTD Probe for your Wireless Temperature Sensor

  1. Based on Construction. Wire-Wound RTD. …
  2. Based on Resistance. Pt100. …
  3. Based on Material. Platinum RTDs (Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000) …
  4. Based on Number of Wires. 2-Wire RTD. …
  5. Based on Temperature Coefficient. European (IEC)

How do you calibrate a RTD?

To calibrate an RTD, perform these steps:

  1. Place the reference probe and the DUTs in the temperature source. …
  2. Connect the leads to the readout(s), using the proper 2-, 3-, or 4-wire connection.
  3. Measure the reference probe and determine the temperature. …
  4. Measure and record the resistance of the DUT(s). …
  5. Fit the data.

How do you use a digital temperature scanner?

It down. And I think that's enough depress it there we go one long beep. And there your child's measurement has been. Taken.

How do you check RTD is OK or not?

Simply set the multimeter to measure the resistance. And check the resistance between the two leads. This RTD reads about 109 ohms so it's functional on a three-wire RTD.

What is transfer time on train?

Transfer times are rail industry standard and are individually calculated for each station. If you think you'll need more time to get to your connecting train you can always change your departure time, or book each part of your trip separately.

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