Do you sleep with other people in hostels?

Stay safe. Many hook-ups that happen in hostels are spur-of-the-moment, passionate encounters between people that may not know each other very well. While that's all well and good, in fact that's part of the fun of it all, it is still important to practice safe sex.

Do hostels have mixed rooms?

When you book it will be clear whether you're booking between an all-gendered mixed dorm or a female only dorm. Rooms generally accommodate four to twelve people on average, but this varies between hostels. Most beds in dorms are bunk beds. These can be two or three-tier depending on the room.

Are private rooms worth hostels?

Opting for a private room in a hostel allows travelers to enjoy the convenience and privacy of their own space while still benefiting from the social atmosphere and facilities provided by the hostel.

Are hostels split by gender?

It varies, and most have a mix of single sex and mixed dorms. For YHA, if you want to stay with your partner/family/kids in the same room, you'll have to get private rooms (usually 2-4 beds) because the dorms are all single sex.

Are hostels safe for solo female travellers?

Hostels are often shared accommodations, which means that women may be sharing a room with strangers or sleeping in a mixed-gender dorm. This can make some women feel vulnerable and unsafe, but with proper precautions and awareness, women can have a safe and enjoyable experience staying in hostels.

Can I get my own room in a hostel?

Across our network, the majority of hostels have private rooms.

Do hostels have separate rooms?

Do you share bathrooms in hostels?

Most hostels have a communal bathroom with private shower stalls. So while they're technically “communal”, you'll still have a sense of privacy. It's worth investing in a nice toiletry bag, since communal showers mean you'll be toting your toiletries back and forth from your room.

Where can I hook up in a hostel?

Hostel Hookup Tips

  • The Private Room. It's the most obvious answer to all your problems. …
  • The Showers. It's undeniable the bathrooms are infested with sexual activity… but try not to hook up in the morning when people are showering. …
  • The Laundry. …
  • Avoid the top bunk. …
  • Stay in a large dorm. …
  • Take it to the streets. …
  • Party Hostels.

Are showers private in hostels?

Yes, but perhaps not in the way you're thinking. Most hostels have a communal bathroom with private shower stalls. So while they're technically “communal”, you'll still have a sense of privacy.

Do hostels have private bathrooms?

Private rooms in hostels also typically come with an ensuite bathroom (and if it doesn't, a private room is probably not worth the upcharge). If this is something you're interested in, it never hurts to check into your options when booking.

What is the shower etiquette for hostels?

Shower Quickly and Have PatiencePeak shower times in hostels include the hours between 8 and 10 a.m. and 6 to 8 p.m. If you're going to be showering at these times, you'll want to make it as quick as possible to avoid angering your dorm-mates. If you're a fan of long, hot showers, wait until off-peak times.

What is the maximum age to stay in a hostel?

Although in most people's minds, Youth Hostels are connected with young travellers, there is no maximum age for staying in a Youth Hostel. Youth Hostels are open to all travellers of all travelers , from students to retirees by way of families with children, who wish to experience a social adventure.

Can you request a bottom bunk in a hostel?

Personally, I prefer a bottom bunk bed, so I always ask if they can hold one for me. Usually, it works! Otherwise, try to arrive as close to the start of check-in time as possible, so you have more chance of getting your first choice of bed.

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