What are the best months to visit Funchal?

For the highest temperatures the best time to visit Funchal is between August and September although the sub tropical climate offers sunshine throughout the year and winter months are equally popular with visitors. The hottest month of the year is August with an average daily maximum of 27 C and an average low of 21 C.

What is the sunniest month in Madeira?

AugustThe summer months are perfect if you are looking for sunshine and temperatures which are hot, but not too hot. July and August are the warmest, sunniest and driest months.

What is the wettest month in Madeira?

JanuaryRainfall. In Madeira rainiest months of the year are October, November and January during which monthly rainfall average reaches 108 mm. On the other side, driest months are July and August when the average rainfall is reduced to 3 mm per month.

Which month is best for Funchal?

Is Funchal worth it?

One of the top things Funchal is known for and worth visiting in themselves are its popular festivals held all year round. The city's festivals celebrate nearly everything from important religious events to some of the island's famous products such as flowers and Madeira wine as well as music and dance.

Which side of Madeira has the best weather?

southwestThe southwest is the place to be for more guaranteed sun; Ribeira Brava, Ponta do Sol and Calheta boast the best climates on the island followed by Funchal, Camera de lobos and Machico. Funchal still being a favourite with most tourists because of the centrality of the capital city and the array of choice.

Is Funchal safe to walk around?

in general terms funchal is perhaps one of the safest places to holiday in europe to holiday a lady i know was on holiday there told me she felt completely safe Perhaps other ladies who have been there can help but all i can say i feel much safer walking funchals streets than most in the uk.

Is Funchal expensive to eat out?

Are you looking to stay in Funchal area? There is a large area (The Old Town) which has a huge selection of restaurants to suit everyone, some do 3 courses for around €8 – 10 , at lunchtime there are dish of the day offers around €4.50 upwards. There are also high. end restaurants where food is more expensive.

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