Is the water rough in Santorini?

Santorini is known for its Meltemi wind, a strong northerly wind that blows from July to September. While it can make the island feel cooler, it can also make the sea rough, making it difficult to swim or take a boat trip.

Are seas rough around Greece?

However, in contrast with what many people believe, the Aegean Sea is not considered as particularly rough, especially when compared with other destinations worldwide. This does not mean that it is benign.

How windy does it get in Santorini?

Santorini is quite a windy island (average wind speed is 30 km/h), which mitigates the high temperatures.

Is the water safe to drink on Santorini?

Technically, Santorini's tap water is safe to drink. However, it's also brackish, and the water supply system itself isn't always reliable. Single-use water bottles are popular in Santorini, but terrible for the environment.

What is the sea like in Santorini?

Deep blue waters; white, red and black sand; vertical cliffs; red and black volcanic pebbles and spectacular rock formations… Some people like them, some don't… But all of them admit: the beaches of Santorini are the strangest, the oddest they have ever seen !

Are the ferries in Greece choppy?

People who don't typically suffer from motion sickness often get seasick on ferries. The water gets seriously choppy and very uncomfortable at times. You have nothing to lose! Come prepared; take Dramamine at least 30 minutes before your trip.

Is the sea calm in Greece?

We have enjoyed an almost unprecedented calm in the Aegean Sea these past nine months or so. This is not due solely to political resolve. It also has an economic dimension and is attributed to specific operational weaknesses.

Is there a breeze in Santorini?

Most commonly northwestern winds, called by the locals 'maistros' but also south winds or 'ostria' which are usually stronger than the north ones. An important characteristic of Santorini (as well as, of the whole Aegean Sea) is meltemia.

Is the water choppy in Santorini?

Why is it so windy in Santorini?

Fortunately, due to Santorini being an island, hence surrounded by the sea, a certain level of humidity will keep the night cooler. Also, many winds during that month (called Meltemia) come from the North and make the temperature cooler.

Are Santorini beaches swimmable?

Swimming Spots in Santorini – White Beach, Red Beach and Caldera Beach. The swimming in Santorini is unique and beautiful. The water is crystal clear, while the geological formations are quite different from other areas of the world due to coming from a volcano.

Are there waves in Santorini?

Yes, Santorini can also be a destination for surfing! There are more than 3 beaches where you can ride the waves, starting from small and easy swell conditions that can allow a start up to beginners, to bigger waves that makes things even more interesting.

Do ferries in Greece make you seasick?

Do ferries in Greece make you seasick? It's possible to get seasick onboard Greek ferries as it can be windy during July and August in the Aegean Sea. So, whether or not being prone to motion sickness, we suggest you have a motion sickness medicine with you.

How safe are Greek ferries?

Catching the ferry in Greece is one of the safest ways to travel, due to the open-air and roomy spaces, as well as private accommodation options. By following a series of individual protective measures you can have a safe trip to the Greek islands.

Are Greek island cruises choppy?

Much of the time the sea is glassy smooth in sheltered areas around the islands. It can get choppy in open seas when the Meltemi is blowing, but nothing to worry about in a cruise ship.

What is the most relaxed island in Greece?

Agistri, the idyllicIt is one of the most quiet Greek destinations, popular for its relaxing atmosphere and beautiful nature. Agistri is perfect for a quick getaway from the Greek capital, as it is one of the islands closest to Athens. The ferry from Piraeus to Agistri lasts for about 1 hour.

Is Santorini as windy as Mykonos?

Mykonos will be windier than Santorini which is probably the better location for a 3 year old, but the beaches are black and gritty, unlike Mykonos sandy beaches.

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