How long does the bus take to go around Rottnest?

Discover Rottnest Bus Tour With Rottnest ExpressThis 90-minute tour takes you to the island's most spectacular locations, stopping at Wadjemup Lighthouse and West End.

Do you need a car on Rottnest Island?

Unfortunately, the usage of cars are not permitted on the island. Instead, you have an even better way to explore the island, on two wheels. The main mean of transportation on Rottnest Island is the bicycle, so grab hold of one from the bike hire places and start exploring the beautiful island!

Is there a hop on hop off bus in Perth?

There's a lot to see and do in Perth and plenty of ground to cover. A hop on hop off bus tour is the perfect way to get around. Your 24-hour ticket includes unlimited disembarking and re-boarding, and there are stops at most of the city's key attractions. Your ticket is valid for 24 hours from the time you first board.

Are electric scooters allowed at Rottnest?

Electric scooters (gophers) can be delivered to the Visitor Centre for collection. All other equipment can be collected from Pedal & Flipper Hire. Wheelchairs are also available at no cost from the Visitor Centre (please note a deposit is required).

Is 3 hours enough on Rottnest Island?

If you're planning a Rottnest Island day trip, it's advisable to spend at least six hours on Rottnest Island. This will give you time to get your bearings, explore beaches or other attractions and have some downtime at a cafe or pub before you return to Perth.

How do you get around Rottnest without a bike?

Buses. See the island by shuttle with daily buses seamlessly transporting you between Thomson Bay, Geordie Bay, and Kingstown. You can take the Quokka Coaches Island Explorer hop-on-hop-off bus, with 19 stops around the island.

How long is the bus ride around Rottnest?

How long does it take to ride around Rottnest Island?

three to five hoursThe 22 km Island Ride takes you around the entirety of Wadjemup's stunning coastline. You'll cycle the entire island, taking in some of its most popular beaches and stunning scenery. But at anywhere from three to five hours (return trip), this is better suited to experienced riders.

Is it easy to see quokkas on Rottnest Island?

Seeing a quokka in its natural environment. Many people come to Wadjmeup in pursuit of a quokka sighting. And you won't have to try too hard. They are found all across the island, sleeping, eating, and hopping around their natural habitats.

What is a hop off bus?

What is a hop-on/hop-off bus? A hop-on/hop-off bus is a sightseeing bus that enables you to get on and off as you please. Your ticket offers you the incredible opportunity to sightsee at your own pace, without having to stay on the bus or in a group.

Can you pay cash on the hop on hop off bus?

Yes, you can hop on at any of our designated stops and get your tickets from your friendly driver. All drivers have credit card machines, so they are equipped to take cash or credit.

What are the benefits of hop on hop off bus?

If you have a list of sights and attractions you're hoping to visit during your trip, compare it to the hop-on/hop-off bus routes! This way, you can easily plan your days accordingly. A hop-on/hop-off bus allows you to cover more ground in less time when there are multiple sights you're trying to visit in a single day!

Are hop on hop off buses accessible?

Are the buses wheelchair accessible? "Our buses are wheelchair accessible, with ramps enabling access to all vehicles within the fleet. There is space for one wheelchair per bus (unless the second customer is able to transfer to a fixed seat, in which case a second wheelchair can be accommodated in a fixed position).

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