Do you need a sweater in Hawaii?

Hawaii weather is warm and humid, with temperatures between 70ºF to mid 80ºF and the pleasant trade winds. Even so, you'll need pack at least one pair of long pants and a light sweater.

What is Aloha evening wear?

For men, you can't go wrong a with a good pair of blue jeans and a Hawaiian shirt that's in the middle of the boldness and colorful spectrum like the Magnum Orchid shirt. And for women, a simple short or mid-length dress or blue jeans and a floral top will provide just the right amount of tropical relaxed flair.

Do you need a sweater at night in Hawaii?

Can I wear sweaters in Hawaii?

I wear them in the winter time, when it gets cold. I know most people think it doesn't get cold in Hawaii, but wind chill is a real thing. We have non stop trade winds that blow from the north east and in the winter time that air is cold. The mornings and evenings are sweatshirt weather during Hawaii's “winter” months.

Can I wear a Hawaiian shirt to dinner?

For example, while Hawaiian shirts may be fine for a beach party or barbecue, they may not be appropriate for a business meeting or formal dinner at a nice restaurant. In these cases, it's best to pair the shirt with more formal pants such as slacks or dress pants.

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