Is Portugal or Italy prettier?

Both countries are absolutely gorgeous but if you MUST pick one go as per your travel tastes. Italy for food and culture but go to Portugal for beaches and weather.

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Should I spend more days in Lisbon or Barcelona?

Each city has its own unique “popular” and “shady” areas (such as Raval in Barcelona) that tourists either congregate in or avoid. For the most part, Lisbon is more popular for its museums and beautiful scenery whereas Barcelona is more popular for its nightlife, outdoor parks, and beaches.

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Is Spain or Portugal prettier?

How many days to spend in Portugal and Spain?

How many days do you need in Spain and Portugal? Although you could easily stay for a month, you will need at least 14 days to explore Spain and Portugal to give you enough time to see a couple of the big cities and a few smaller towns as well, without feeling too rushed.

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Are the beaches better in Spain or Portugal?

The verdictDeciding which country has the best beaches for you really depends on what you're looking for. Whereas Spain is graced by the warmer waters of the Mediterranean and the chilled-out beach life that comes with it, Portugal benefits from the lively waters of the Atlantic and some truly epic scenery.

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Are Portuguese and Spanish people different?

It is a common misconception that Spaniards and Portuguese are the same people. This misconception is based on the proximity of the two countries and the closeness of their languages and cultures. But, despite their similarities, the Portuguese and Spanish are separate people.

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