Why is Portugal so affordable?

Portugal is relatively inexpensive compared with the US because the economy is not as strong and the minimum wage is low.

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Why is everyone moving to Portugal?

Why are a lot of Americans moving to Portugal? Americans are heading to Portugal for its laid-back lifestyle, lower cost of living, and welcoming locals. The country's golden visa program is also attractive.

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Why is everything so cheap in Portugal?

Are people in Portugal friendly to tourists?

In fact, Portugal ranked first place as the most welcoming country out of 188 countries in the world! Travellers that have lived in Portugal for a while state that the Portuguese 'look after each other', share a wonderful sense of community and the locals' demeanours are polite, welcoming and down to earth.

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Can a US citizen buy a house in Portugal?

Yes, you can. There are no restrictions on foreign investors purchasing property in Portugal, and the country has relatively open and straightforward regulations when it comes to property ownership by non-residents.

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