Why has first class gotten so expensive?

Driven by a rise in leisure travelers willing to pay more for a wider seat, extra legroom and a nicer meal in premium economy or first or business class, airlines are cashing in by reconfiguring their cabins to accommodate more of those higher-priced comfy seats, and using larger planes that have more premium seating …

How much bigger are first class seats?

Seating: Up to eight inches of extra legroom and up to 5.4 inches of seat recline. In-flight Service: A dedicated first-class cabin flight attendant and complimentary drinks and a snack.

Is Delta or United first-class better?

Overall, Delta is consistently rated the more reliable airline. And when it comes to first-class flying, Delta's amenities possess a posh factor that United doesn't quite match, though it comes close. However, in many ways, the choice is a toss-up.

Is first class getting bigger?

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