How can I get a pet from USA to UK?

Pet Import Requirements for the UKMicrochip (implanted and scanned before rabies vaccine administration) Rabies Vaccination and Certificate (at least 21 days old before final vet visit) Rabies Antibody Titer Test (if coming from an "unlisted country") EU Health Certificate (Annex IV)Cached

Can dogs fly in cabin from USA to UK?

Only certain airlines are permitted to carry dogs, cats and ferrets into the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme, and none of them are permitted to bring in animals within the aircraft cabin. The exception to this rule is if you are travelling with an Assistance Dog.

Do dogs from USA have to quarantine in UK?

According to the pet import requirements for the UK, your dog will not need to fulfill a quarantine as long as you follow the correct procedures carefully. The UK does have a very specific entry process for pets, but this usually only takes a few hours upon arrival, and then pets are free to go home.

How can I bring my pet from the US to the UK?

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