What is the Uber employee scandal?

In 2017, Kalanick—under pressure from Uber's biggest investors, according to the New York Times—resigned as CEO following months of scandal after a former employee publicly detailed how Uber was a workplace laden with gender discrimination and sexual harassment.

What is the Uber accounting scandal?

In New York, it became publicly known that Uber had mistakenly charged drivers commissions based on pretax earnings as opposed to after-tax earnings—at a cost of tens of millions of dollars to New York drivers.

Why did Uber CEO get fired?

Kalanick, 43, started Uber in 2009 with Garrett Camp and turned the small start-up into a behemoth that defined the ride-hailing industry. Investors forced Mr. Kalanick to resign as chief executive in 2017, after a series of privacy scandals and complaints of discrimination and sexual harassment at the company.

What is the Uber leak scandal?

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