What is the sunniest part of Mauritius?

The West Coast is generally warmer and calmer than the East of the island, meaning this is the side of choice for those looking for a peaceful and sunny beach holiday. Temperatures are at their hottest during the island's summer months from October to April.

Which month is windy in Mauritius?

When is the windy season in Mauritius? During the months September to November, the velocity is more around the 20 to 25 km/h for 2/3 of the time and around 15 Km/h during the other third. * During the rest of the year, under the blazing summer sun of December to May, the light breeze is a soothing refreshing one.

What is the sunniest month in Mauritius?

What is the most beautiful part of Mauritius?

East MauritiusKnown as 'The Wild Coast' due to its rugged charm, this part of Mauritius is perfect for romantic couples wanting an intimate escape, away from busier resorts. This is the place to marvel at epic sunsets or enjoy sublime relaxation at Bras d'Eau, a gorgeous small bay inside the lagoon of Poste Lafayette.

What part of Mauritius has the best weather?

The North and Western parts are very well protected by the mountains meaning they stay warm and dry. Cyclones can occur in Mauritius in the summer months, from November to April, due to the small size of the island.

Which side of Mauritius is better?

The best side of Mauritius however has to be the West coast, purely for the variety it offers in terms of culture (Port Louis), Exploration and natural wonders (Le Morne Brabant) and arguably the island's most popular resort; Fliq en Flaq.

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