How long should you spend in Cook Islands?

10 days is a comfortable amount of time to enjoy two islands in the Cook Islands, such as Rarotonga and Aitutaki or Rarotonga and either Atiu, Mangaia, Mauke or Mitiaro. Check out The Best Rarotonga & Cook Islands Itineraries for 10 Days for a complete list of our recommended itineraries.

Why do people go to the Cook Islands?

Here, discover 10 ways to see the archipelago with nature and culture in mind. A blissful 15-isle archipelago just east of the dateline in the Pacific Ocean, the Cook Islands has long attracted travellers with the promise of crystal-clear water, a diverse marine life, and a strong connection to Polynesian culture.

Is Rarotonga better than Fiji?

All of the islands are gorgeous and no matter which one you choose you aren't really going to go wrong. It just depends what you want out of your holiday. For pure relaxation plan a Rarotonga holiday, for adventure and luxury accommodation plan a Fiji holiday and for amazing natural attractions plan a Samoa holiday.

Is it worth going to the Cook Islands?

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