How big is an extra large suitcase?

Extra large suitcases: trips longer than 3 weeksExtra large suitcases have a height of around 81cm. These suitcases are ideal for long trips. These suitcases can also be used for the luggage of 2 people. They have a capacity of more than 95L, which equals to more than 20kg of luggage.

What are the 3 suitcase sizes?

There are three sizes of suitcase: large, medium and cabin. A large case is often suited for a 2 week or longer trip, or a family wishing to pack more and a medium case is better suited for a week away. Cabin size is great for a long weekend or to take on board when you wish to avoid checked baggage fees.

Is 27 inch a large suitcase?

Medium suitcase – 24 inch, Large suitcase – 27 inch, Extra large suitcase – 32 inch, Please note that a hard case will generally be smaller in capacity to a soft sided case of the same size due to it not being able to expand or bulge out with packing.

How many inches is an extra large suitcase?

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