Are Uber drivers allowed to ask where you’re going?

They are asking where you are going to circumvent the reason for Uber not telling them where you are going, which is to avoid drivers cherry-picking which rides they take. Often after the driver finds out where you are going they will cancel the ride.

Does Uber need your real name?

However, using a fake name may violate the terms of service agreement and can result in account suspension or termination. Additionally, providing false information to Uber may also be illegal in certain jurisdictions. It's recommended to use your real name when creating an Uber account to avoid any issues.

Does Uber verify identity?

When you verify your account, we ask you to provide a video selfie and your identity document or licence, so that we can verify your identity. In some cases, additional identity documents (such as a passport) may be requested as part of this process.

Do Uber drivers ask for your name?

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