What is the coldest it gets in Mauritius?

The coldest day in these 69 years was reported by the Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Airport weather station. Here the temperature dropped to 12.4 °C in September 2013.

Does Mauritius experience winter?

Mauritius is a year-round destination. There are two distinct climates on the island. The coast is usually hotter, whereas the central plateau can be much cooler. There are also two seasons, summer and winter.

What is the winter weather in Mauritius?

Winter: May to OctoberJuly is considered the coldest month of the year in Mauritius with temperatures sitting in the balmy low 20's. Other months see averages of around 22-23 degrees celsius on the coast, and 18-19 degrees celsius in the Central Plateau.

Has it ever snowed in Mauritius?

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