Is Ibiza English friendly?

In Ibiza, there are two official languages: Spanish and Catalan. As the island is an important international tourist destination, many people working in tourist establishments also speak other languages such as English, Italian, French or German.

Why do English people go to Ibiza?

A new survey of European holidaymakers' travel habits for 2017, carried out by TripAdvisor, reveals that Brits favour the White Isle as the most popular place for short haul trips away. Ibiza remained number one thanks to its sparkling mix of amazing world-beating clubs, pristine beaches and terrific weather.

Is English common in Ibiza?

Where do Brits live in Ibiza?

San Antonio and the bay easily boast the largest all year round English community, whereas Playa D'en Bossa can become a bit of a ghost town. Much of Ibiza Town remains open yearly, but it is generally favoured by the Spanish. If you will have your own transport, the options available to you are much wider.

Can you get away with speaking English in Spain?

Do you need to learn Spanish before moving to Spain? or can people speak a good level of English in Spain? The short answer is yes, people do speak English in Spain. However, the English proficiency level, the number of people speaking in English, or the areas where you'll hear English on the streets are limited.

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