Is it better to live in a hotel or apartment?

For instance, if you frequently travel to a specific city for work or leisure, renting a hotel room in that location might be a more cost-effective option. On the other hand, if you require a more permanent residence, renting an apartment or house in a less expensive area could be a better choice.

Can you live full time in a hotel?

While most people look at hotels as something they only need when they're on vacation, it is possible to live at a hotel. Many hotel chains offer extended stay options that are designed for long-term guests.

Why you shouldn’t stay above the 4th floor in a hotel?

He also advises against booking any room above the fourth floor, but not below the second. "Make sure you are staying between the second and fourth stories of the hotel because fire department ladder rarely reach above fourth story,” he says. "Anything below this is targeted by burglars."

Is living in a hotel cheaper than living in an apartment?

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