How do I set up an Uber account for someone else?

Go to Account and select Settings in the app. Scroll down and tap Family. Tap Add member and select people from your contact list to send them an invitation to join your profile.

Can I set up an Uber account for my son?

Tap to open the app, go to the menu, choose Settings, scroll down to Set up your family and select the qualifying contacts you would like to add. Once added, the Family Profile rider will receive an invitation request. Please note: you must have the latest version of the app to use Family Profiles.

Can I get Uber for someone else?

Does it cost more for 2 passengers on Uber?

No, Uber does not charge more for two people riding together. In fact, it's often cheaper to ride with a friend than to take separate trips! UberPool is designed specifically for groups of up to four riders who are traveling in the same direction and allows them to share the cost of their trip.

Can your parents call an Uber for you?

While a teen is on a ride requested through a teen account, guardians will be able to contact their drivers directly through the app. Tap the phone icon on the live trip tracking page to call the driver. This functionality is not currently available for Uber Eats orders with teen accounts.

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