Is Chichen Itza free?

The entrance fee to get into Chichen Itza is 533 pesos ($26 USD) for tourists. This includes two tickets that you must pay to get in – the federal tax (80 pesos) that goes to the Institute of History and Anthropology of Mexico and a local government tax (453 pesos) that goes to the Ministry of Culture of Yucatan.

Is there a fee to enter to Chichen Itza archeological zone?

The entrance to Chichen Itza if you are a foreign visitor is $614 pesos mxn per person.

Do you have to pay to see Mayan ruins?

Do you need tickets to enter Chichen Itza?

For travelers getting to the archaeological site on their own, there is an admission fee to enter Chichen Itza. The fee varies according to national and international visitors, over age and under age. If you wish to bring a GoPro or professional camera, there is also a fee for this.

Do you have to pay for Chichen Itza?

Entrance fee in Chichen ItzaThe site charges two entrance fees, one for INAH (National Institute of Anthropology and History) and one for Cultur. In total the entrance ticket to Chichén Itzá costs $237 MXN for nationals and $539 MXN for foreigners. Remember that on Sundays the entrance is free for Mexicans.

Is Chichen Itza free to visit?

Chichen Itza Entrace FeeThe entrance fee at Chichen Itza is: $539 Pesos per adult, Kids under 13 years are admitted free.

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