How long would a bullet train take to get across the US?

If the train could go 300 miles per hour non-stop the entire distance, it would take about 9.5 hours to cover that distance. In reality, you are probably looking at about 12 hours for the trip as the train is unlikely to be able to maintain it's top speed for the entire distance.

How much does a mile of bullet train cost?

The Little Engine That Couldn't: California's High-Speed Rail Costs Rise To $200 Million Per Mile. California's high-speed rail (HSR) pencils out to around $200 million per mile for the San Francisco–Los Angeles route.

How fast is the fastest bullet train on earth?

460km/hThe Shanghai Maglev, also known as the Shanghai Transrapid, tops the list with its maximum operating speed of 460km/h and average speed of 251km/h. It has a record high-speed of a staggering 501km/h.

How many miles can a bullet train travel?

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