What is the water temperature in Mykonos?

Swimming in Mykonos by month

Month sea temperature Details
Aug. 78°F to 78°F Sea temperature in Mykonos in august
Sep. 75°F to 75°F Sea temperature in Mykonos in september
Oct. 71°F to 71°F Sea temperature in Mykonos in october
Nov. 66°F to 66°F Sea temperature in Mykonos in november


Where is the warmest water in Greece?

By far the warmest waters of Greece: The small island of Kastelorizo. Around the island one can find almost tropical sea life, including sponges, normally not found so far north. Next the east coast of Rhodes. The big island of Crete, further south, has cooler waters, caused by currents.

Why is the water so cold in Greece?

They are chiefly influenced by blowing winds. Water temperatures in the Aegean are influenced by the cold-water masses of low temperature that flow in from the Black Sea to the northeast.

Is the water warm in Mykonos?

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